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Ped Pillows

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Product Description:

Ped Pillows™ are medical-grade, prefabricated orthotics hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

Ped Pillows™ are produced in Marathon's custom orthotic laboratory by lab technicians. Ped Pillows™ are designed to aid medical professionals in treating various foot related pathologies, including:
  •Plantar Fasciitis •Adult Aquired Flat Foot (AAFF)
  •Heel spurs
  •Fat pad atrophy
  •Knee pain
  •Foot/leg fatigue
  •Excessive Pronation
  •Back pain

Ped Pillows™ are made with the same unique materials that are used in Marathon's custom orthotics. A thin, Polypropylene shell is sandwiched between two layers of extremely soft cushion to provide excellent support and shock absorption.

Ped Pillows™ are also ideal for:
 - Patients without insurance.
 - Patients who cannot afford the out-of-pocket expense for custom orthotics.
 - Providing an immediate, temporary fix until custom orthotics arrive.

Ped Pillows™ are only distributed to medical professionals.

There are four styles of Ped Pillows™ to choose from:
  •Men’s Sport with or without arch fill, full sizes 7-14
  •Men’s Dress with or without arch fill, full sizes 7-14
  •Women’s Sport with or without arch fill, full sizes 6-11
  •Women’s Dress with or without arch fill, full sizes 6-11

Ped Pillows™ are available in two arch support choices:
  •Medium to flexible support without arch fill
  •Substantial support with arch fill

We offer a 30-day guarantee. Any unused Ped Pillows™ returned to you within 30-days of purchase may be returned to us for full credit.

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